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    5th Grade - Quiz

    Have a wonderful Spring Break!

    The 6th grade participated in the mitzva of creating "mishloach manot" baskets which they filled with the traditional Purim pastry - Oznei Haman. They loved making the cookies, filling them with different fillings and then decorating the baskets and creating a Happy Purim card. Once the pastries had baked (and were cool enough to handle) students chose the names of 4 - 5 staff or faculty and went around campus to deliver their baskets to them.

    Have a Wonderful Winter Break!
    Last week we held our 5th Annual Top Chef Latke Baking Competition with the 7th graders. Each group was judged on their Hebrew skills, the taste of their latkes and their team work.
    We would like to thank Amir and my high school Hebrew 3 class who were the judges for the Hebrew part of the competition. They went to each group and spoke to them in Hebrew about what they were doing (making latkes) and about Chanukah in general.
    We are appreciative of the support from Chef Scott and all his kitchen crew. They did an amazing job of providing the students everything that they needed to make and bake their latkes. They also judged the tasting of each groups' creation including the "secret ingredient" that each group chose.
    The students showed great collaborative skills and produced creative jingles highlighting their team's name. Many of them made a point of letting us know what a fun Hebrew day they experienced.

    6th Grade - Hannukah Project:
    Can you guess what is it...?

    6th Grade (Haifa) - Hannukah Project:

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    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Parent/Techer conferences are on November 9th, 2012. Please contact me ASAP to make your appointment.

    L'Shana Tova שנה טובה

    6th Grade project for Rosh Hashana - Learning the months of the Jewish calendar

    Welcome to my Hebrew classes! ברוכים הבאים

    I’m very excited to be teaching from the NETA books to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
    In addition, I will be teaching one class in upper school.
    All my lessons will be given in Hebrew language.

    For further information about upcoming events, homework assignments or grades, please follow the link below to Edline:


    This year we will use the following website for recording HM assignments: www.vocaroo.com

    Please send all recorded assignments to: yifat.fuss@adelsoncampus.org

    * Please note, grades will be uploaded to edline on a biweekly basis. Homework will be posted when assigned.

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    Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) - April 26th

    We celebrate the day of Israel's statehood and establishment in 1948 as the Jewish national homeland. Our students are building a model of Israel that will be in display at the Venetian hotel on April 29th.

    3rd Grade - For the next few days, students will "explore" Israel and will learn about the main cities and places in the country. We have our "bus" in class and we are going to have a lot of fun!

    Yom HaZikaron (Israel Memorial Day) - April 25th

    We recall Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.

    Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) - April 19th

    On this day we acknowledge the catastrophe and enormity of the Holocaust and memorialize the 6 million we lost.

    Happy Pesach (Passover) - Click here

    Have a wonderful Spring Break!

    7th/8th Grade created a wonderful comic for Passover - Click here to see it.

    This week is Reading week - We are happy to take part in it in Hebrew. We will have different Hebrew reading activities :)

    On Monday, students had to create a cover for a book in Hebrew. They had to include the name of the book, the author, an illustration for the cover and a short narrative description about the book.

    More Reading Week Photos

    משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה

    When the month of Adar starts, our joy increases!

    Tu B'shvat - 3rd Grade had a wonderful Tu B'shvat seder. Enjoy the photos!

    The 6th graders learned about the clothes in the bible and created their own outfits. Look how wonderful they look:

    King Solomon, Aharon HaKohen, King Solomon, Joseph, Queen Esther and Mother Rachel

    Students are excited to be in the Hebrew month of כסלו (Kislev) because not only are we close to winter break, we are also close to celebrating the deLIGHTful holiday of Hanukkah.

    Please use this link to check out numerous resources for the holiday:

    Please make sure to check out the awesome 6th grade Chanukah newspaper (It's on the school's website).

    The 7th graders had fun with the Top Tabach (Top Chef) Contest before we left for winter break. Here are the photos:

    7th + 8th Grade - Creating the Map of Israel:

    6th Grade - Presenting their Family Tree Projects.
    Each student had to collect information about his family, create a family tree and present it in class.

    7th + 8th Grade - Houses around the world.
    The students did a research about different houses around the world. They had to build a model and present it in class:

    A Stilt House:

    A Cave:

    An Igloo:

    A Mud House:

    7th + 8th graders are taking an online quiz in class:

    A Special project on Yom Kippur - 7th+8th Grade:

    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00397.jpg"

    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00401.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00403.jpg"

    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00409.jpg"

    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00410.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00411.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00414.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00415.jpg"

    Here are the Rosh Hashanah greetings we did (7th+8th Grade):
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00352.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00358.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00359.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00360.jpg"

    Here are the Rosh Hashanah puzzle projects we worked on with all the 12 Hebrew months on them (6th Grade):

    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00340.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00345.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00346.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00350.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110928-00351.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20111005-00395.jpg"
    Download file "IMG-20110928-00336.jpg"

    A Special Rosh Hashanah seder our 3rd graders enjoyed:
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00324.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00323.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00319.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00316.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00315.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00312.jpg"
    Download file "Las Vegas-20110927-00310.jpg"

    I’m very excited to be teaching from the Alpha NETA books to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
    In addition, I will be teaching 3rd grade Hebrew native speakers from the Chaverim Be’Ivrit books.
    All my lessons will be given in Hebrew language.

    For further information about upcoming events, homework assignments or grades, please follow the link below to Edline:

    * Please note, grades will be uploaded to edline on a biweekly basis. Homework will be posted when assigned.

    You may contact me by email: yifat.fuss@adelsoncampus.org